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About Nadia Rose

I have many years of experience of working with people directly as a relationship counsellor with Relate for 11 years and as an Independent Relationship Specialist in my own practice for the past 6 years. I build a ready rapport with people from all walks of life,

connecting with teenagers in Classroom Presentations, producing and delivering Educational Relationship Workshops for adults and running Relationship Pop Up Clinics for the public in local Hubs.

In several series of Relationship Clinics on BBC Radio Wales I was able to offer education and information to a wider audience.

I embrace unconditional positive regard to those I work with. I Believe in the value of nurturing and working on our relationships as I have seen the rewards this brings, countless times.

Guidance and Advice

As an established specialist in the field of relationships, Nadia has been called upon by the media to offer guidance and advice on radio programmes. Some of those recordings are listed below.

Recording 1

Recording 2

Recording 3

Recording 4

Recording 5

Recording 6

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